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How to Make Money in Real Estate in Depressed Markets

Discover 6 Little known Secrets to Making Money in a Depressed Real Estate Market  


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What's Going On?  You cannot pick up a newspaper or turn on the TV without hearing about the gloom and doom of today's real estate market. Information such as: foreclosures are the highest they've been in over 52 years; 1 in 54 homes in the state of Nevada are in foreclosure; 800 billion dollars in loans are scheduled to adjust in 2008: foreclosures increased overall 57% in  the year 2007.

Is there any opportunity to make money in this negative real estate cycle? ABSOLUTELY  This Free CD will reveal how you can easily purchase real estate and have buyers willing to crawl over broken glass to purchase your deals! You'll learn Larryette Kyle DeBose's insider secrets to locating these properties and learn exactly what you need to know to position yourself  to broker these profitable deals ..Click Here To Order Now

What Will You Learn From Listening
To This 60 Minute FREE CD? 

You'll  discover the 'Insider Secrets' for making thousand dollars in real estate deals!

How you can shave years off of your learning curve and begin to doing deals as soon as possible!

You'll learn how to structure offers sellers will accept (plus discover exactly which  language and forms to use to do it!)

You'll learn The two most important  pieces of information you must have before you make and offer. (hint: Not knowing that information  will almost guarantee you not making a profit!)

You'll discover where to strategically place your marketing efforts that will have buyers seeking you out  to buy your deals!

You'll learn where to find the most Lucrative Real Estate Deals in your area.

…and many many more time-tested secrets straight from the mouth of a seasoned real estate investor with over 22 years experience Click Here To Order Now


Why Did Larryette Kyle-DeBose Record This FREE CD?


Because many  many years ago, Larryette, experienced a divorce, was a single mom, her home was foreclosed on, she had no credit and no job. However, since then she has built up a thriving Real Estate empire, now she's decided to share her secret wealth building information with you so you can do the same, no matter what your situation, or the condition of the real estate market. This powerful CD was created just for you.


And quite frankly, Larryette wants to give back.  She remembers how difficult it was to have to start over.  First, to learn the real estate business with little or no support at the time; develop resources; build a "dream team"; learn the rental business; buy, fund and market properties; and accomplishing this via trial and error. She now realizes that you just  need to know  some simple techniques to make your real estate business profitable.  So she is sharing with you the simple strategies that work, the ones you need to know, and with this CD, you can listen to them over and over again. Whenever you want, wherever you want! 

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What Else Do I Receive With My CD Order?

When you order your CD, you will receive four (4) bonuses worth a total of $457 which includes a free report, free strategy session, free Membership site and my product Jumpstart Your Real Estate Investing business.


Bonus #1: Special Report: How to buy a wholesale Deal            Without taking a bath . " Learn the secrets Larryette used purchase wholesale deals making maximum  profits and it was win-win.    (Value $47) 

Bonus #2: Free One-on-One Strategy Consultation -Free 30 Minute "Internet Millionaire Intensive" Phone Strategy Session! (Value $150) 


Bonus #3: You'll be entitled to a FREE 1 year membership in Kyle-DeBose's online membership site called " Millionaires  Bites & Pieces" of money saving tips- this is, by itself, worth $197 per year. (Value $197) 


Bonus #4: 7 Simple Steps to Jumpstarting your Real Estate Investing Business in in 30 days or less - Discover the exact steps Larryette used to Build a Profitable Real Estate Investing Business that works in good as  well as depressed real estate markets. (Value $63)


                                                            Total Bonus Value: $457.00

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For USA orders: This CD is sent to you for FREE. No commitments, no hassles! All we request is that you pay a nonrefundable $5.77 for shipping and handling. (Click Here To Order Now )

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How Long Does This FREE CD Offer Last?

As you can imagine, we can't keep giving this CD away forever.  Business is business, and so, we have instructed the fulfillment company to only produce 500 copies. So don't wait, supplies won't last long! Request your free CD today!

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Ms DeBose, I Thank you for efforts in creating this text. I found it enlighting and very informative. The logic and step-by-step guidance will work! I do commend you. To those who hear this...the steps are there, the effort put into making this a reality is strictly up to us/you.

Samuel Moore, San Antonio, TX


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This CD was amazing !!!
It was powerful and informative, a true road map easy to navigate. The CD was inspiring and therefore a breeze to listen to. It addresses several commonly asked questions and outlines several strategies and techniques to start a successful Real Estate business. Thanks for the headstart!

Kai Martin, Atlanta, GA


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This CD is sent to you FREE. All we request is that you pay a nonrefundable $5.77 for shipping and handling.

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